LihChyun Shu, Professor

LihChyun Shu
National Cheng Kung University
Dept. of Accounting
1 University Road
Tainan, Taiwan 701

Voice (office): +886 6-275-7575 ext 53428
Voice (dept): +886 6-275-7575 ext 53400
Fax: +886 6-274-4104

Research Interests

My recent research interest lies in data mining and machine learning as well as their applications to solving various business problems. I also conducted industry-academia collaboration projects in business digital transformation. Previously, I focused my research on methods for design and analysis of software, especially software for concurrent and distributed systems, as well as real-time systems, including specialized techniques for ensuring fault-tolerance. Lately, I have also conducted various data-driven research projects, including data stream mining, location-based query processing.





帶領團隊參加Fintech Taipei 2021金融科技創意發表活動,從21隊提案中通過遴選,與全台其他6隊於2021/10/27做創意發表 (G2第二隊):


應哈佛商業評論邀請,擔任【HBR X 中正EMBA】學程授課講師 ,於2021/12/5在中正大學講授「金融科技(FinTech)如何重塑並創新金融服務?」


Selected Publications

1.      徐立群  金融科技(Fintech)如何重塑並創新金融服務?〉,【HBR導師講座】哈佛商業評論全球繁體中文版,20211月號。

2.      LihChyun Shu and Ju-Kun Chou. Using Deep Learning Techniques to Predict 10-Year US Treasury Yield. In Proceedings of The 11th International Conference on Information Science and Technology (ICIST 2021), May 21 to May 23, 2021, Chendu, Sichuan, China.

3.      Wang Zhang, Yanhong Li, LihChyun Shu, Changyin Luo, Jianjun Li. Shadow: Answering Why-not Questions On Top-k Spatial Keyword Queries Over Moving Objects. In Proceedings of The 26th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA 2021), April 11 to April 14 2021, Taipei, Taiwan. (Acceptance rate: 20%)

4.      LihChyun Shu, Bo Hsiao, Yi-Hsin Liou and Yi-Lin Tsai. On the Selection of Features for the Prediction Model of Cultivation of Sweet Potatoes at Early Growth Stage. In Proceedings of IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2019), Dec. 6 to Dec. 9  2019, Xiamen, China.

5.      Meifan Yang, LihChyun Shu and YuChih Wang. Mining Financial News to Predict S&P 500 Index Trend. In Proceedings of International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM 2019), July 9 to July 12 2019, Hiroshima, Japan.

6.      Yanhong Li. Fog-Based Pub/Sub Index With Boolean Expressions in the Internet of Industrial Vehicles. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 15(3): 1629-1642, 2019.

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